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How To Order For Recharge Card Epins From Us:

There Are 2 (Two) Methods Through Which You Can Order For Recharge Card Epins From Us - Manually (Delivered Via Email) Or Online (Via Our Online Portal).

1. How To Order Epins Manually (Delivered Via Email):

To Order For Recharge Card Epins Of Any Network, Kindly Follow The Steps Below:

  • Kindly Calculate What You Wish To Order For Using The Epin Price List Below:


    MTN N100 : 1 x 97.50 = N97.50; For N200 : 2 x 97.50 = N195.00; For N500 : 5 x 97.50 = N487.50 Etc (N100 and N200 Currently Available!)

    Airtel N100 : 1 x 96.70 = N96.70; For N200 : 2 x 96.70 = N193.40; For N500 : 5 x 96.70 = N483.50 Etc (All Currently Available!)

    Glo N100 : 1 x 96.30 = N96.30; For N200 : 2 x 96.30 = N192.60; For N500 : 5 x 96.30 = N481.50 Etc (All Currently Available!)

    9Mobile N100 : 1 x 95.80 = N95.80; For N200 : 2 x 95.80 = N191.60; For N500 : 5 x 95.80 = N479.00 Etc (All Currently Available!)

  • NOTE: Minimum Quantity of 50 Pieces For Lower Denominations(N100 and N200) and Minimum Quantity of 20 Pieces For Higher Denominations(N500 and Above)! NOTE: Atleast 2 Networks Per Order. NOTE: No Refunds After Payment. ADD: N3,000 (Registration Fee) To Your First Order If You Are NOT Using The CadPro Epin Manager Software.

  • After Calculating, Kindly Make Payment To The Account Below:


    Bank Name : Moniepoint Microfinance Bank

    Account Name : Cadeau Info & Comm Technology

    Account Number : 800 0006 377

  • After Payment, Send the Name Of Depositor (And Your Name If Different From Depositors Name), Amount Paid, Email Address, Your Order (Preferred Networks), and Date Of Payment to Us Via WhatsApp(Preferably) or SMS To: 07036179993, And Wait For Your Epins To Be Delivered To Your Email Within 24 Hours (Working Hours)! NOTE: Because Of HIGH Demand, MTN Epins Will Be Delivered To Your Email a Bit Later!

2. How To Order Epins Online (Via Our Online Portal):

To Order For Recharge Card Epins Of Any Network, Kindly Watch How You Can Buy and Download Recharge Card Epins Instantly Without Waiting For Any Dealer. It is As Easy As A,B,C,...

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